Gender Data Kit

Gender Data Kit

We’re building the first feminist digital public good. Gender Data Kit is a set of technologies, feminist methods, and resources for gender data projects.

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Our first use case

South America is experiencing the largest mass migration in recent history. And women along the Colombia-Venezuela border are experiencing extraordinary levels of gender-based violence. We’re developing ‘Cosas de Mujeres,’ a WhatsApp-supported platform to connect women with services and to generate action-oriented data. Check out our Gender Data Briefs here.

In the news

“Pilot program tackles ‘problematic’ data requirements for gender-based violence.” – Devex, February 4, 2020

“How can the international community guarantee women’s rights during migration?” – Devex, January 22, 2020

“COVID-19’s total burden of disease extends beyond those who get sick, and this has potentially deadly consequences for women and girls” – Development Pathways, April 9, 2020

Who’s behind this?

Gender Data Kit is being developed by Ladysmith, a feminist research consultancy that helps international organizations collect, analyze, and take action on gender data. If you’d like more information on Gender Data Kit, please contact us here.

Partners and supporters